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Homearama Week - Day Two!


I hope you enjoyed Day One of Homearama Week.  We were definitely dazzled, and continued to be as we made our way through these gorgeous homes.

The Asheville
Price: $1.45M (furnishings included!)
Square Footage: 6,600 sq. ft.
Builder: Arthur Rutenberg Homes

This home was unique in that it's the only one where the furnishings are included in the sales price.  The exterior is striking with its contrasting stone and stucco.

You can see by looking at all of the feet in this picture, that it was jam packed full of people.  But isn't the floor lovely?  The pattern is gorgeous.

To the left is the dining room.  

As you move ahead, there is a bar to the left, complete with a snazzy wine storage area (far left).  This house is an entertainer's dream.

The family room is straight ahead.  Gorgeous ceiling, fresh fireplace, and check out the doors that fold open to create an outdoor extension to the home.  Such an amazing feature.

A close up of the fireplace.

A closer shot of the folding doors (and I love the drapes too).

Again with the drapes - you all know I'm a sucker for banded drapes of any sort.

A beautiful kitchen, with contrasting white and wood cabinets, and an island that goes on for miles...

Oh that island...  If you look at that door on the left, that's the home office.

A great view to the family room too.

Here's the home office that's off the kitchen.  I noticed a lot of the home offices were near the kitchen, which I really liked.  Given that I spend so much time in the kitchen, that just made sense (assuming it was going to be my office anyway). ;-)  This one has a definite masculine feel - a vaulted ceiling and pretty windows too.

I could work here.

Heading back towards the front of the house, there is a powder room.

Before you get to the master bedroom.  Ahhhhh.  Restful and tranquil.  

With a touch of drama.  I think this is my favorite master bedroom.

It's definitely my favorite master bathroom.

I absolutely love the high contrast of this bathroom, and all of the great molding detail - especially with the mirrors.  Isn't that gray wall color fantastic?  Totally works in here.  If only the builders/designers gave a color palette with the paint colors...  One house did do that, but unfortunately, it had the worst paint colors of the whole tour (in my opinion - I'll let you judge when I share it).

Upstairs is a great game room for the kids.  I don't think mine would want to leave.  Notice the awning window treatment.

Although I think I would have a hard time keeping the snack area stocked.

And a cool sliding door feature up here too.

Looking out from the game room, you get a view of the two story foyer (I didn't get a shot of the curved staircase - sorry).

The upstairs is definitely a kid-zone, complete with a fun and functional homework space.

And a map - love this - you could totally DIY something like this.

Three bedrooms up here - my daughter would go nuts for this one.

Heading down to the basement, there is a space-age sunken bar that mimics the curves of the upstairs bar.  Not sure how I feel about the sunken thing - that would be a hard thing to undo at some point in the future, and I could see it feeling dated eventually.  But it is cool, and it's nice that your guests can sit in regular chairs as opposed to barstools.

Media space with super-comfy gliding chairs up front (I may or may not have glided on them), and the wall is a paneled wood treatment.  There is also a pool table and exercise room down here (didn't get a shot of them).

I like that this home had a walk out basement - 

They had a great guest bedroom in the basement that was tucked away around a corner.  Perfect for giving guests their own little sanctuary with plenty of privacy.  There is a bathroom as well (not shown).  Actually, there are TWO bathrooms in this basement.

As we were leaving, we drooled all over the laundry room.  This one is as nice as a regular kitchen!  I'll take it!

So, what do you think?  Lots of great spaces in this home too, right?  

In case you missed it - 

Stay tuned - more to come!


Homearama Week - Day One!


I'm so very excited to share all of the homes from Homearama this week!  Once again, the tour did not disappoint - so many great ideas and inspiration to be had, and some great new things that I hadn't seen before, which is always fun.

So, let's get on with it, shall we?  Buckle up, and get ready to be dazzled.

The Cheyenne
Price: $1.2M
Square Footage: 5,700 sq. ft.
Builder: Jack H. Wieland Builders 

The first home we toured had some really gorgeous elements, as well as some amazing functional spaces.  In short, I loved everything about this home!  All of the space was put to good use without feeling too fancy to be livable, if that makes sense.

A spacious front porch - 

And of course, some beautiful front doors.

My apologies in advance for some of these shots.  This year they were not that good at crowd control in some of the houses - just letting droves of people inside all at once, vs. letting smaller groups in and spacing them out a bit more.  Some of the tours got really claustrophobic as a result, and it was hard to fully appreciate the house too.  I didn't want to contribute to the human traffic jam by stopping and taking too many photos.

Pretty wallpaper upon entering this home.

It carried down to the basement as well.

We were directed to the master bedroom, and this wall treatment immediately caught my eye.  It's not real wood, nor is it wallpaper.  It's a faux treatment, but with a lot of depth and texture.  Really beautiful result!

Can you imagine the work involved?

A gorgeous master retreat.

A shot of the shower floor and tile in the master bathroom since we were being herded like cattle through here.

A peek at one of the vanities.

And one of the many awesome closets.

Awesome office space - love the color palette and the high impact ceiling detail!

Down in the basement, there was a bar area complete with penny tile and rustic wood cabinets.  (They're actually prettier in person than they are in this photograph - they have a reclaimed wood look to them).

A pretty seating area that walks out to the backyard.

Two bedrooms down here too.  Again, love the color palette and the window treatment is a stunner too.

This one was equally adorable.  The bedding and the accent wall in here really work.

And a cozy seating area too.

Back upstairs, we got to see the great room up close and personal.  A-mazing.  Beautiful ceiling, and such a calm and comfortable space.  Love it.

Another angle of this room to capture the ceiling and built-in.

Pretty transom windows lead into this room as well.  Such a great detail.

A great powder room here - I'm digging on everything about this bathroom.  And I love that the vanity has a furniture feel and is fitting perfectly in this space.  The graphic wall is fantastic, paired with the round wood mirror, don't you think?

And the kitchen...  Hello, gorgeous.

Stunning hood and tile backsplash.

And the leaded glass upper cabinets are perfect.

The rustic cabinets from the basement were used in the island of the kitchen.

A pretty dining area that leads to the outside.

But wait, before you go outside, look at this lovely sun room.  Oh, the options for this space are endless!

The outside area is decked out for entertaining.  Loving this fireplace.

Plenty of room to cook out and and hang out too.

Or, build a second fire, and hang out in the backyard.

The laundry area, was spectacular.  Soooo much storage and functional space in here.

Did I mention there was storage?

And there's even a little office nook off of the kitchen.  I would love this!

Cute round window (which looks into the sun room), and a fun light fixture.

Another expansive bedroom back here too - complete with a wood paneled wall, and a great view to the backyard.  The light fixtures and the window treatments aren't too shabby either.

Nor is the connecting bathroom.  I could make that work.

See how there are two ways to access the laundry room?  Oh. my. goodness.

And a separate mud room, of course.  Don't want to mix all of those shoes and jackets with the clean laundry after all. ;-)

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Stick around for more tours this week - I'm just getting warmed up!