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Friday 5+1 {5 Things I Like + 1 Thing I Don't}

Happy Friday!

Many around here are headed south for spring break, but not us.  Staying here, but we'll manage to make the best of it, I'm sure.

Lots of fun things to share today!

Hidden Coffee Bars
If you follow me on Instagram, you got a peek at a neat gallery wall my friend had in her new home.  This is the first time I got the whole tour, and she has incorporated all sorts of smart ideas into her new home.  Like this cool, yet hidden coffee bar in their master bedroom.  (And on the left side, the bottom drawers are refrigerated drawers - even better!).  And to have all tucked away in this beautiful built-in - love it.

A Smart and Functional Pantry
Her pantry has a feature that I wish I could incorporate in my own home.  Not only is it huge, with an extra fridge inside, this clever little door opens up to their garage so you can unload your groceries right into the pantry without having to traipse in and out of the house.  I think this might be my favorite feature of their entire home.  And, they have four kids, so I'm sure they have a lot of groceries to haul inside every time they go to the store.  And how cute is their pantry door?

Fun Hardware
I always enjoy fun knobs and pulls that are added to a refinished furniture piece, and thought these fresh ones were worth sharing.  Spotted them at Home Depot.  Cute!

Gliders and Grabbers
I picked these up at my local Woodcraft store, and really find them useful.  The packaging says it all - they can provide extra grip or some slip, depending upon your needs.  I used them for cabinet doors while I'm sanding, and then I used them to mount my painting pyramids for spraying the doors.  Great idea!

Gripper + Painting Pyramid:

My New Festool Sander
I'm starting to geek out with tools as I take on more cabinet jobs, and like a little black dress, consider this Festool circular sander to be an "investment piece" in my tool arsenal.  It's so much better than my old sander - low vibration, and when you lift it off a piece you're sanding, it stops so that you don't get a "skid mark" on the piece when you go back to sanding again.  It makes sanding so much more enjoyable, and was worth the money.

My +1: Teaching my 16 year-old son to drive
I know I'm not the first parent to go through the trials of dealing with a driver-in-training, but holy cow, it's anxiety-inducing and dare I say it - harrowing, at times.  He keeps wondering why I grab on to the door handle or brace myself while he's driving, and it's because I'm not good at giving up control it scares the crap out of me sometimes!  

While it will be nice that he will be able to drive himself to baseball practice and reducing my time spent as the family chauffeur, the process of getting there is nerve-wracking to say the least!

Any words of wisdom from veteran mothers of driving children out there?  I'm all ears.

Have a great weekend!!


Another Builder Grade Kitchen Transformed


Things have been crazy busy here, so I'm catching my breath before things kick back up again (which will be any minute now).  So I thought it would be a good time to share my latest client kitchen project.  I'm really happy with how this one turned out, and it's been a lot of fun to watch it come together.

The great part about this project is that so many other elements have already been updated, so the painting of the cabinets was the icing on the cake.  The homeowners had already added a new island, granite, appliances and a tile backsplash.  The only outstanding items on their to-do list are refinishing the hardwood floors and painting the walls.

Let's get to the before and after photos, shall we?

Before - the kitchen is a great size, with lots of natural light and a gorgeous island.  If you can imagine, the island used to end near the cabinet next to the dishwasher, so the island extension alone has transformed how this kitchen functions.

And here it is now - the homeowner commented on how the backsplash pops now that the cabinets are done, and the beautiful appliances really stand out as well.  Even the granite takes on a new look.

Of course, they had to live through this:

And this (my amazing Zipwall that makes fast work of tarping off an area in minutes).  I can't tell you how much I'm loving this product!  I can take it down in minutes as well, and then set it up again in my basement work area as a spray booth.  Another product that leaves me thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?"

But in the end, it's totally worth it.


The homeowner is itching to paint now that the cabinets are done.  In some of the adjacent areas she's going to paint in neutral shades, but is looking to add a pop of color in the kitchen.  A warm burnt orange/brown - to pick up on the tile accents and pendant lighting.

A huge shout out to D. Lawless Hardware for providing the gorgeous knobs and pulls.  I love how the square portion of this knob picks up the square tile details that appear in the backsplash.

The homeowner just loves how they work so well with the colors and finishes in the kitchen.

The coordinating pulls have the same square detail as the knobs and are a perfect compliment to the black and copper accents they have incorporated.

So there you have it!  Another builder grade kitchen transformation at the fraction of the cost of installing new cabinets.  These transformations never get old for me, and I love seeing the happiness these changes bring to the homeowners.  Fun stuff, I tell you.

Now I've started to transform this kitchen (with another one scheduled after that!).  Life is good.

If you're in the Dayton/Cincinnati area and want your cabinets transformed, but don't want to tackle it yourself, contact me at jenny.williamson7(at)